a blouse for grandma

I promise, this one really is for my grandma.

My grandma recently celebrated her birthday and as a good sewist I decided to make her a blouse.

I don’t have any particular obsession with blouses, but since it’s a gift, I find it easier to “guess” the size if it is a top piece.

Again, I went to my Burda Style patterns and found a blouse that looked classic and modern at the same time, as my grandmother does! Love you grandma! (She doesn’t read blogs though…)

My other curtains

I had this silk fabric from the stash my grandmother gave me, and this one didn’t have any holes in it.

Should I use pins on silk? I did. But I feel like I should’t. What do you think?

Remember my curtains from the other photo? Yes, you don’t see them here

Good thing I had a lot of fabric. Because I forgot to cut the two sleeves and they required a lot of fabric. My grandmother almost ended with a sleeveless blouse.

Now that I put it into words, I think this pattern might actually work without sleeves 🤔

Front pleats

All was going well until I met my nemesis structure. I had to sew some pieces together and I just couldn’t figure out how to do it correctly, as you can see by the mess in this next photo.

“OMG what the hell is going on here?” – thinks the reader

I tried and I tried. But clearly one of the pieces was too big. Or so I thought.

I ripped the seams countless times and sewed again. It was a mess.

The fabric had to many little cuts I made in order to make it fold nicely and I decided that I needed to cut the front fabric again. Remember I told you the blouse almost ended up sleeveless? This is why.

By this time, it was already 23H00 and I was tired and frustrated and decided it was best to go to sleep.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning

New day, new cup of coffee, new front fabric to try not to ruin.

This time it went a lot well, though not perfect. I still had to rip the seams a couple of times and call myself stupid at least four times.

At this point I put my doubts about pins and silk aside. Clearly.

I made a little cut on the corner of the front fabric and sew.

The result

See those side finishes? I couldn’t get them to look any better. I think the pieces sewed on the sides needed to be a little longer. I’m not sure. Arrrggggggg I feel bad!!!!

This helper is mine.

I try to ask my daughter to do little things and get her involved in the process and she loves it.

Little tricks

I went to get my serger and needed to change the thread. I use this little trick that I read about somewhere and was a game changer. Instead of changing and having to thread the serger, which is both time consuming and a nightmare, and just cut and knot the thread.

It usually works. So, fingers crossed 🤞

I really like the finish a serger gives

Except for that neck detail, that was really tricky and not at all perfectly achieved, this blouse is easy to sew.

The result

There are still four buttons missing in the front, but I don’t have any buttons that go well with this blouse at the moment, so that remains to be done.

I think I can overlook that neckline thing, especially when I add the buttons. But I’m not sure. What do you think?

Yarn hugs ❤️

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