a blouse for mummy

I often refer to myself in the third person as “mummy”, but in this case “mummy” is actually my mom.

This year I decided to give my mom, for her birthday, a piece of clothing made by me. I chose a Burda Style blouse pattern and I ordered online a spring-looking fabric.

This is not the story of that blouse.

I was feeling very uneasy because I had to wait for the fabric to arrive and I was REALLY in the mood for sewing a blouse, I just thought “what’s better than a blouse? Two blouses!”.

I have some fabrics that my grandmother gave me. They are way older than me but they don’t look like it. I’m not aging gracefully 😛

Kiddinnngggg! They are actually pretty modern-looking so I decided to go for it.

My new curtains

I was ready to copy the pattern with some tracing paper, but I also feel like I’m wasting so many paper. I feel bad about it. So I decided to try to hang the patterns on a window and it worked just fine.

FIY, stepping on a sewing pin is still better than stepping on a Lego brick

It was time to get to work.

This fabric is really light-weighted and easy to sew.

It was the first time that I successfully made a V-neck that looked ok. At this point, I patted myself in the back. I was really proud!

Sewing clips are a fast way to hold the fabric in place, but makes us constantly stop sewing to remove them

And voilà! The blouse was made!

This is a very simple yet adorable pattern.

It can be worn as a more fitted blouse or a number or two bigger to have a loose look. I tried it on myself and, even though it is a little big for me, I would rather use it like that.

Final result

After all this sewing, mummy has a new blouse!

And now, by mummy I mean me.

Because this old fabric had some little holes in it that I tried to avoid at all costs but ended up with some showing on one of the sleeves. And I’m not giving a gift to my mom with holes in it! I have minimum standards!

Good think I like the blouse a little bit bigger 😊

Yarn hugs ❤️


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