a small step to my sewing skills, a giant leap for my happiness

I recently shared that I want to sew as much clothing for me as I can instead of buying ready-to-wear.

First of all, most of the times I feel like an alien in clothing stores. I rarely see something that I truly like, and when I see something that I like, the price tag is a no-no.

I’m not a picky person, at all. I like pretty simple and comfortable clothes. So, this year, I decided that I’m going to sew linen baggy clothes that I absolutely love, and I’m going to be sharing the process in this diary.

There is something special about wearing something that we made for ourselves. And we walk on clouds when someone says that they love what we’re wearing!

My very first dress

When I first started to sew, I made a few things for me, but then I stop sewing clothes and started to sew accessories.

But, to be honest, it’s not the same thing. There’s something about sewing clothes that makes me feel that extra happy shot.

The first time I used this overalls I had a seam in the butt that opened. Mental note: double-check all the seams!

All the clothes that sewed last year don’t have a pattern. I cut the fabric as I thought it should be cut and it was an adventure.

This jumpsuit ended up a little shorter than I would’ve liked.

Sometimes it didn’t work out exactly like what I had in mind. Well, a lot of the times.

I’m in love with this dress

I struggled a bit with the pink dress to fit the upper part of the dress to my body.

First the back was too loose and the bra was visible and, since it was not intentional, it didn’t look good. But now it is borderline my size. I wish I had the dress form measurements, but I’m a little bigger.

The blue dress looks sloppy. I use it, nonetheless, to go to the beach or in the house.

I did a little flower detail to keep the eyes out of the neckline, that drives me a little insane every time I look at it. I know, the thread color was not at all the best choice, because it stands out so much it is impossible to not look at that neckline. And to add to that, I made a double seam 😒. Well, live and learn…

This is one of my favourites

I saw a dress that looked similar to this green one in an online store and I was like “I can do this!” 💪

I used a t-shirt to cut the fabric for the upper part. I was a little afraid because I’d never did sleeves before, but it turns out it is not that hard.

The down sides of this dress are:

1- the first time I worn it someone congratulated me on my pregnancy. No, I’m not pregnant;

2- my husband said the bottom fabric looks like El Corte Ingles’ logo. Cannot be unseen.

The good thing:

I don’t care. I like the dress and it is very, very comfortable!

Other jumpsuit

This blue jumpsuit is very comfortable but I feel the back is a little too much open. But I use it with a blue lace bralette and I like the summer look it has.

Also, I really like musseline for summer clothing. It drops very well, it’s flowy and there are a lot of beautiful colours and patterns. This and linen might be my favourite fabrics.

A jumpsuit for my girl

One of the first pieces I made was this jumpsuit for my daughter. I did the upper part in crochet using cotton and then I attached the pants. She loves it.

I’m looking forward to sew her more clothes and I hope she feels inspired to sew in the future.

Yarn hugs ❤️


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