my sewing space is small and I don’t care

In my first post there’s a photo that shows a fairly big-ish sewing room.

That room was part of a space shared with friends, but for various reasons it didn’t make sense for me to keep it.

So I brought everything back home. One of the things that was always a bummer was the fact that I had to take the sewing machine out, the serger out, put it all in my small dinning table in the middle of the living room, the same living room where my husband works in.

Then, it was lunch time. I had to put everything on the floor, clean everything so we didn’t eat thread mixed in the alheira with rice and eggs.

Alheira – source: Wikipedia

Dealing with all of those logistics didn’t demotivate me, but it certainly made me not sew something if I had only 10 minutes to do it before dinner.

Also, when I actually had the time put everything on the dinning table and sew for a while, my husband was constantly (rightfully, but I’m only saying this here because I’m positive he is not going to read it… I think) about the noise while he was working.

So I moved to the only place I could, the kitchen.

In the kitchen I had no space whatsoever, but I was determined to make some.

So, I organised a few things in order to clear a little kitchen trolley.

On the bright side, I have the coffee machine really at hand

It may not be much, but it is my space and I love it. It has nice windows on the sides so I can absorb some much needed vitamin D while sewing (so, double the happiness) or watch the rain outside.

Just behind me I have my laundry supplies and I manage to fit some boxes with my threads and other sewing indispensables.

I love this boxes to organise thread by color
Serger and sewing machines take turns on the floor

I can’t always have my serger on the table, but I don’t need it all the time too. So I go pick Ms. Thread-a-Lot, who sleeps in a Kallax bookshelf, and she switchs places with Ms. Hemmingway, whenever I need.

I’m pretty sure my scoliosis does not approve of this

Since I don’t have space for my legs and I’m always in a not very ergonomic position, I’m going to replace this kitchen trolley with a small table, as soon as possible.

I know it’s not always easy to sew if we don’t have a space for it, or if the space is really small. But don’t let that bring you down or get in the way.

For those who can’t have a small part of the kitchen for themselves, I once thought about installing in my bedroom a small table that hangs on the wall and you can open whenever you need. Maybe it is an option for you!

This one is, again, from Ikea. I think they have affordable options for a sewing room

Yarn hugs ❤️


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