pattern making journey

I decided to take that step, from drafting patterns for me on paper from Ikea (you know, those paper rolls for children’s projects. I like to use them), to make digital patterns.

I’m taking a course on that and I’m loving it. So, I decided to pause it for a little bit, before I go further into the course, and start putting the skills I’ve already learned to good use.

Looking good 😍 ((totally unbiased opinion), no pun intended!)

First, I had to create my size chart. I want my patterns to suit a wide size range, so I looked into different size charts and into average measurements. That being said, I know that average measurements don’t mean that much, really. I never fit completely in any size chart, I have a small bust for my hips. On the other hand, I have a perfect bust for my back health. Though, I have a scoliosis. Unrelated to my bust, of course.

Getting back to the point. I made a size chart that has to be tested along with the pattern. But since I don’t like to wear really fitted clothing, I’m not super worried about the chart.

In the pattern making process, the hardest thing so far was the grading. I do like that more technical aspect of the patterns, I love it in fact, but I tend to overthink things. So, I made a lot of grading versions. A LOT. Until I got one that I was feeling ok-ish about it. Now, I have to test if that grading is fitting nicely.

Wish me luck!

Yarn hugs ❤️


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