True Bias’ Men’s Hudson Pants – Review

Hubby wanted a pair of comfy pants to wear at home, where he spends most of his time. Of course I procrastinated for a while, but I ended up buying True Bias’ Men’s Hudson Pants and the fabric to make it.

He is very, very opinionated. So I knew I was facing the toughest and most critical of clients.

For the fabric, I chose a grey knitted cotton, very light and fresh for the spring and summer time. He was pleased with this choice.

The pattern itself, is very easy to make.

I always like the hand baste stitch some parts. I find it faster than actually baste stitching on the machine.

Make sure you use baste stitching thread, so it’s easy to get out

I sewed almost the entire pants using the serger, but you can easily get by with a regular sewing machine, using the zig zag stitch.

Long story short… actually, not long at all, because you can make a pair of Hudson Pants in a couple of hours, hubby was really happy with his new pair of pants.

It is very satisfying to make a garment with patterns like this one, simple but beautiful, because you get to quickly have that finished product.

The only hack he asked for the next pair is for me to take the ankle band out. I don’t know, I feel like it’s going to look like yoga pants, but I’ll make it.

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