I finally made linen pants

I love linen. Who doesn’t, right? I’ve made some linen overalls in the past, and I’ll definitely make more this summer (yes, I’m looking at you Yanta Overalls from Helen’s Closet).

I had this denim blue linen in my stash with pants in mind, and when I heard someone saying that you do not want to have your linen folded for a long period of time, or else it will kinda “break”, I ran, almost tripped on the way, and grabbed it and immediately started to sew. Well, after cutting and so.

pretty simple and straightforward pattern

I experimented a little bit with the finishes, where I french seams basically on every seam. It ended up looking good, but to be honest, I’ll just use the serger next time.

everything is hidden

Another nice touch I decided to give them was a little hand painting on the pocket. I’m really into painting on fabric and adding even more personal little details to my clothes.

final result

I cannot recommend more linen pants! GO SEW LINEN PANTS! NOW

Yarn hugs ❤️


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