must resist this cutiness

Or not!

So, I’m in love with Tilly and the Buttons patterns. They are adorable. Period.

I was a very strong gal and didn’t buy every pattern I wanted all at once (self pat on the back). For starters, I bought the Stevie Dress and I HAD TO HAVE a dotted fabric to make it. But I didn’t have it. I had a solid yellow double gaze (which is my second favourite type of fabric! Well, double gauze in general, not just the yellow one), so I had no choice.

I had to make my own polka dots.

am I the only one using the size of the hole of the opening on the presser foot as a width to do some specific seams? Although I’ve never listen that this was a thing, I cannot be alone

Getting back to Stevie. The instructions are super amazing. I find that the photos are a really good way to show what’s supposed to do, if you’re a beginner. Sometimes with illustrations is it not so clear. And kudos to the photographer, as the photos are beautifully taken.

I’ve tried to take photos as my first pattern instructions illustrations, but I’m no good at taking photos. They were all shi**y with so many shadows. But enough with the self commiseration.

Stevie is a very beginner friendly pattern, but still has those extra little details if you want to go a little bit further. One of those details is in the pocket, where we can make some pretty seams.

I’m in love with the dress, so much that I HAD TO WEAR IT immediately and didn’t even finish hand sewing the sleeve details. But I’ll sew it.

Next on my Tilly to-do list is the Mathilde Blouse, the Dominic Skirt, the Indigo Smock Top and Dress, Fifi Pyjamas and the Françoise Dress, although I’m not really sure if I have the glamour to pull that later one off.

Oh, what the hell am I saying? I have the glamour that I say I have. And I HAVE IT! But I’m getting a red lipstick just in case.

Yarn hugs ❤️


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