scraps, scraps everywhere – plus, coin purse free pattern and sew along

Not so many scraps now, though! Well, that is not true at all… there are still a lot of scraps in my pile, but there are less than yesterday.

Those scraps were looking at me with a look both sad and judgemental. I hate wasting whatever. Mainly because of the environmental side, I try to be better and better in that department every day, but also because that bag of scraps can be translated in euros spent.

So I decided to make little accessories like coin purses, but also some mid-sized ones, like tote bags, and try to sell it on my Etsy store so I can buy more thoughtfully and sustainable fabrics in the future (most of those scraps are from fabrics that I bought when I started to sew, and we all know how those first fabric purchases go).

A friend saw that I was doing this and asked me for a coin purse that also had some cards spaces. I made her one and I think it turned out pretty cute, so I want to share it with you.

Let’s sew together? Cool 😁

To make the pattern all in one A4 paper, I didn’t divide it into all the pieces. But it is quite easy to cut the fabric, nevertheless.

the first card thingy
the second card thingy

When you’re done cutting the fabric, you’ll have two of each card pieces, plus two interfacing for each size and you’ll have one piece of both the inside fabric and the outside fabric, and one interfacing for that.

ironing boards are overrated

Apply the interfacing to the card pieces and the inside fabric.

Use a 5mm seam allowance.

Choose a card piece and its matching piece and sew them together, right sides together, on the edge that doesn’t have round corners. Then, trim the seam allowance and turn the piece. Now you’ll have the right sides out, make a topstitch along the same edge.

Repeat the last step for the other card pieces.

After this, insert the magnetic snap in the little card piece (you only need to go through the layer with the interfacing, so the “legs” of the snap are inside the fabric).

Also apply the magnetic snap in the outside fabric. I like to put a little interfacing between the fabric and the snap.

yes, I forgot to apply the snaps and I had to get that seam ripper out if the drawer

Now it’s time to make a juicy fabric sandwich, my fabric kind 🤤 With the right side of the inside fabric facing up, put the card pieces on top of each other and on top of the fabric, facing up too. Then, put the outside fabric facing down, on top. I had a video prepared (that took me a while to film because the phone was constantly falling…) but I can’t get it to shrink so I can upload it… I swear I’m going to be more professional next time!! ❤️

The sandwich will look like this:

Now, sew all around, leaving a small opening to turn the fabric around. I suggest that you leave the opening at one of the sides, like you see in the picture. Before turning the fabric, snip the cornes and rounded corners.

After you turn the fabric around, fold the side “wings” in half, with the outside fabric together and sew along that folded edge.

Now, fold the wing so the small edge is over the side of the wallet, like this:

I took the photo before folding the wing, but you should have a stitching in the middle of the wing at this point

Sew the wing and the side of the wallet together. Just before you get to the edge, stop with your needle down, get the presser foot up and turn the wing so that the long edge is now matching the side of the wallet.

And your wallet is done! You did wonderful!

Thank you for sewing with me!

Yarn hugs ❤️


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