Mathilde Blouse from Tilly and the Buttons

I usually wear looser clothes than Mathilde. I mean, Mathilde is pretty loose, but it also has dart, which gives it a more fitted style at the bust. Still, I fell in love with this pattern and I knew I had to make one.

I also knew that I needed a cute fabric for this project. I didn’t want a solid colour. I wanted that 😊 look, you know? When I saw this print with the little yellow hearts I thought it would look really cute. I wasn’t sure about the fabric itself, if it was good for a blouse like this. Honestly, I don’t know what fabric this is. If anyone can tell me, please do! But it looked and felt fluid enough, so I went for it. And it was on sale!

I prepped the fabric, I bought the notions and I was good to go. I wanted the buttons to be a little bit bigger, but I couldn’t find any.

I chose to grade between size 5 and 6, because my bust measurement is 94cm. This means I had to adjust the dart.

This pattern really differs from what I’m used to make. It really was a slow sew, meaning that I had to make a lot of marking and had to take my time to press everything nicely. I enjoyed every bit of it.

😍 serger finishes 😍

For the darts, I have a tip. Don’t backstitch at the end of the dart, because it can cause it to get wahhh-wahhhh. Yes, that is the scientific term. Instead, just sew until past the tip of the dart and them make a knot with the thread.

Everything was going smoothly until… my serger thread broke. This is so frustrating! And it happened a lot in this project. So, note to self, don’t buy cheap thread for the serger ever again. This is so time consuming.

I failed miserably at thread chicken

As a good rebel, I didn’t make a muslin. Another note to self, do a muslin before grading between sizes. It isn’t too small, but I think it didn’t need to grade it.

I really like my Mathilde and I’ll be making more in the future, for sure!

Yarn hugs ❀️


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