My Yanta Overalls

I’ve been wanting to make the Yanta Overalls from Helen’s Closet for quite some time now, and I finally managed to make them! I chose a beautiful cotton twill in a petrol blue. There’s something about this color that gives me energy. As for the cotton twill, I wasn’t sure to be honest. My first


I’m so happy to share with you my first pattern! My idea with this free pattern, is to ask for as many feedback as possible from the community. Like a test sewing pattern! So, feel free to download the pattern, use and abuse it. Hack it all the ways and forms you like. Have fun

I finally made linen pants

I love linen. Who doesn’t, right? I’ve made some linen overalls in the past, and I’ll definitely make more this summer (yes, I’m looking at you Yanta Overalls from Helen’s Closet). I had this denim blue linen in my stash with pants in mind, and when I heard someone saying that you do not want

pattern making journey

I decided to take that step, from drafting patterns for me on paper from Ikea (you know, those paper rolls for children’s projects. I like to use them), to make digital patterns. I’m taking a course on that and I’m loving it. So, I decided to pause it for a little bit, before I go

refashion this

Once upon a time there were two jumpsuits. Those jumpsuits reconnected with their dear friends, Ms. Sew-a-Lot and Ms. Hemmingway, after a time apart. Ok, let’s get serious now 😒 I love the polished look a serger gives to handmade clothing. So I was ready to put my fabric in it but the seam width