pattern making journey

I decided to take that step, from drafting patterns for me on paper from Ikea (you know, those paper rolls for children’s projects. I like to use them), to make digital patterns. I’m taking a course on that and I’m loving it. So, I decided to pause it for a little bit, before I go

refashion this

Once upon a time there were two jumpsuits. Those jumpsuits reconnected with their dear friends, Ms. Sew-a-Lot and Ms. Hemmingway, after a time apart. Ok, let’s get serious now 😒 I love the polished look a serger gives to handmade clothing. So I was ready to put my fabric in it but the seam width

a blouse for grandma

I promise, this one really is for my grandma. My grandma recently celebrated her birthday and as a good sewist I decided to make her a blouse. I don’t have any particular obsession with blouses, but since it’s a gift, I find it easier to “guess” the size if it is a top piece. Again,

a blouse for mummy

I often refer to myself in the third person as “mummy”, but in this case “mummy” is actually my mom. This year I decided to give my mom, for her birthday, a piece of clothing made by me. I chose a Burda Style blouse pattern and I ordered online a spring-looking fabric. This is not